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All Apothecary items are packaged in a 2oz Star Glass Bottle, includes Magical Uses & Label
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All-Spice-Money, luck, healing, obtaining treasure. Provides added determination and energy to any spells and charms.

Angelica Root-Very powerful protection herb - protects against negative energy and attracts positive energy; creates a barrier against negative energy.

Basil-Love, exorcism, wealth, sympathy, and protection. Dispels confusion, fears & weakness. Drives off hostile spirits.

Bay Leaf-Protection, good fortune, success, purification, strength, healing and psychic powers.

Black Salt-Protection from negative energy & entities, grounding energy helps balance and align the chakras

Blue Anil-purification, cleansing, protection from evil eye and healing

Blue Butterfly Pea- love, emotion, serenity, and protection healing

Blue lotus-induce a state of euphoria, calmness, and relaxation when taken in tea and tincture form. Blue lotus is also used as a sleep aid for the purpose of lucid dreaming or shamanic journeying, and to relieve insomnia.

Burdock Root -Used for cleansing magick when feeling highly negative about oneself or others. Use in protection incenses and spells.

Calendula-Protection, legal matters, and psychic/spiritual powers.

Camphor-Dreams, psychic awareness, and divination; Adds strength to any mixture; used for purification and to increase personal influence & persuasiveness.

Carnation-Protection, strength, healing, enhancing magickal powers, and achieving balance

Cascarilla (eggshell) powder-protection and cleansing helps with new beginnings and spiritual insight.

Cedar-Confidence, strength, power, money, protection, healing and purification.

Chamomile-Love, healing, prosperity and reducing stress.

Chicory Root-Frigidity, favors, removing obstacles, and invisibility. Promotes a positive outlook and improves sense of humor.

Chrysanthemum-Protection, increases passion and power; increases romance; creativity; connecting with the spirit world

Clove-Exorcism, love, money, protection, banishing hostile/negative forces, and gaining what is sought

Coconut-Chastity, protection, and purification

Copal resin-Love, purification & protection

Cornflower- aids in clairvoyance and spiritual vision, love & divination

Dandelion leaf-Summoning spirits, healing, purification and defeating negativity.

Dead Sea salt -cleansing crystals, purification, grounding, protection magick and ritual.

Epsom salt-helps connect to the natural world, the divine & earth energies, increases your intuition, promotes peace and relaxation, detoxifies body and removes negative energy

Eucalyptus-Attracts healing vibrations, great for protection and purify any space.

Eyebright-increase psychic ability, improve memory, encourage rationality and increase positive outlook.

Forget Me Nots-Memory, support, healing, and peace

Frankincense resin-Successful ventures, cleansing, purification, protection and meditation

Ginkgo biloba-Aphrodisiac, associated with fertility, healing and creativity

Gomphrena Flower (Red)& (purple)-immortality and endless love, represent the life force and energy of the universe, and their presence can help to restore our faith in the goodness and abundance of life.

Gotu kola-  meditation helps to center and calm, improve focus,

Hawthorn-chastity, fertility, fairy magick, fishing magick, and rebirth. Also used for success in matters related to career, work, and employment.

Hibiscus-Attracting love and lust, divination, and dreams

Honeysuckle-Draws money, success, and quick abundance; Aids persuasiveness and confidence, sharpens intuition

Hyssop-The most widely used purification herb in magick. Lightens vibrations and promotes spiritual opening; used for cleansing and purification. protects property against burglars and trespassers. Used to consecrate magickal tools or items made of tin. The best herb for physical cleansing and washing of temple, ritual tools, or oneself

Jasmine- love, prosperity, divination, dreams & sleep, Helps to promote new, innovative ideas

Lavender-love, protection, healing, sleep, purification, and peace. Promotes healing from depression.

Lemon grass-Psychic cleansing and opening, lust potions

Lily-Fertility, renewal, rebirth, marriage, happiness, and prosperity.

Linden-love & protection

Marigold-Attracts respect and admiration, provides good luck in court and other legal matters.

Motherwort-building confidence, success

Mugwort-increase lust & fertility, prevent backache and cure disease & madness. Dream,astral travel

Myrrh resin-Spiritual opening, meditation, and healing. This herb has high psychic vibrations that will enhance any magickal working.

Nutmeg-attracting money/prosperity, bringing luck, protection, and breaking hexes.

Oregano-Joy, strength, vitality, and added energy

Orris Root Powder-Used to bring love, romance, companionship and a loving mate.

Passion flower-attracting friendship and prosperity and heightening libido.

Peppermint-Use to increase the vibrations of a space or in spells and incense for healing & purification.

Pine-Promotes clean breaks, new beginnings, prosperity, success, strength, grounding, and growth; Also used for cleansing, purification, and repelling negativity. Great for house and business blessing.

Pink Himalayan Sea Salt- helps with manifesting desires & intentions, spiritual growth and awareness and love 

Red Salt- promote love & harmony in relationships and romantic energy, enhances magical and spiritual practices

Rose petals & buds -divine love, close friendships, domestic peace/happiness, and lasting relationships

Rosemary-cleansing, purification, protection, removes negative energies 

Rue-healing, health, mental powers, freedom and protection against the evil eye

Sage-self purification and dealing with grief and loss. Improve mental ability and bring wisdom. Used in healing sachets & incense. Promotes spiritual, mental, emotional & physical health and longevity. Removes negative energy.

Sandalwood powder -Helps in healing by aligning the chakras for better energy flow. Good for meditation, healing, and manifestation. Facilitates concentration.

Seven Blossom- helps balance the 7 chakras, promotes peace and reaxation

Spanish moss-Protection, opening blockages, and dispelling negativity

St. johns wort-Used for banishing, protection & blessing.

Star anise-Used to help ward off the evil eye, find happiness, and stimulate psychic ability.

Sunflower-Energy, protection, power, wisdom, and wishes

Tobacco-Promotes peace, confidence, and personal strength. Also used for banishing

Valerian-Dream magick, reconciliation, love, and harmony.

Wormwoood-Used to remove anger, stop war, inhibit violent acts, and for protection from the evil eye

Yarrow-healing, handfasting & weddings, and divination. Draws love banish negativity, ward off fear, and promote courage, confidence, and psychic opening.
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