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LIBRA ~️Scales 9/24-10/23 ~I Balance Passionate, Decisive & Inspirational...The peaceful Scales are on a journey of Balance. They’re romantic but particular, diplomatic but indecisive, but ultimately happiest when they’re in love. They don't like to be alone. They abhor conflict, and have a highly developed sense of objectivity and conflict resolution. They are gracious, charming, and cooperative, and they always look for justice and balance in life, The ability to adapt and be accepting to whatever comes ones way. These oils are the perfect match

Jasmine Essential Oil: The Oil of Hope, Happiness & Love. It is very uplifting to the emotions and may help increase intuitive powers and wisdom. It may also help to promote powerful, inspirational relationships.

Bergamot Essential Oil: The Oil of Self a Acceptance. It may help to relieve anxiety, depression, stress, and tension. It is uplifting and refreshing.

Ylang Ylang Essential Oil- The Oil of the Inner Child. It also influences sexual energy and enhances relationships. It may help stimulate the adrenal glands. It is calming and relaxing and may help alleviate anger.

Clary Sage Essential Oil- The Oil of Clarity & Vision. Good for emotional stress and hormonal balance.

Libra ♎️ Oil

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