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The Heart Chakra {TO LOVE}

Color Energy: Green -Represents Growth & New Beginnings, as well as Healing & Freshness

Location: Center of Chest

Represents our ability to love. When BLOCKED we have a Lack of Empathy, feel Bitter & Hateful , we have Trust Issues & are Intolerant. When OVERACTIVE we are Jealous, Codependent, Self-Sacrificing & Give Too Much. When BALANCED we are Peaceful, Loving, Compassionate, Tolerant, Warm & Open.

The following Oils are to help Balance:

Rose Essential Oil: It is stimulating and elevating to the mind, creating a sense of well-being

Jasmine Essential Oil: It is very uplifting to the emotions and may help increase intuitive powers and wisdom. It may also help to promote powerful, inspirational relationships.

Chamomile Essential Oil: Because it is calming and relaxing, it can combat depression, insomnia, and stress. It eliminates some of the emotional charge of anxiety, irritability, and nervousness. It may also be used to soothe and clear the mind, creating an atmosphere of peace and patience.

While Burning this candle,Repeat the following Affirmation:

 I Am Loving & Lovable

The Heart Chakra Candle

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