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The Root Chakra {TO HAVE}

Color Energy: Red -Acts as a Stimulator

Location: Base of Spine

Represents our foundation and feeling of being grounded. When BLOCKED we are Fearful, Anxious, Unsure, have Financial Instability & are Ungrounded. When OVERACTIVE we are Greedy, Lust for Power, Aggressive, Materialistic & Cynical. When BALANCED we feel Safe, Secure, Centered, Grounded & Happy to be alive.

The following Oils are to help Balance:

Patchouli Essential Oil: It is sedating, calming, and relaxing, allowing it to reduce anxiety. It may have some particular influence on sex, physical energy, and money.

Vetiver Essential Oil: Vetiver has been valuable for relieving stress and helping people recover from emotional traumas and shock. As a natural tranquilizer, it may help induce a restful sleep

Sandalwood Essential Oil: Calms, harmonizes, and balances the emotions. It may help enhance meditation.

While Burning this candle Repeat he following Affirmation: I Am Grounded,

The Root Chakra Candle

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